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        PhD for Zvi Galor at the  Department of Geography and Environment
        University of Bar Ilan, Ramat Gan, Israel

        The thesis is on  "Decooperativization Processes in Major Israeli Cooperatives: The Cases of Tnuva and Hamashbir Hamerkazi"

        November 2016

        My CV can be downloaded here: In Word format, or in PDF formt.

14-16/6/2009: My participation in the international conference:

Rural Cooperation in the 21st Century: Lessons from the Past, Pathways to the Future
The conference took place in Rehovot, Israel

I lectured and was presenting my article on the demutalization of Tnuva. The lecture can be downloaded here:




After 22 years working at the
International Institute - Histadrut, of them 6 years as Academic Director of the Institute, I am now retiring.

I am proud to say that these 6 years saw an expansion of our training programmes, making the Institute one of the largest of its kind in the world, with 45 training programmes, in 5 languages every year. Graduates numbered 1,300 annually coming from 140 countries worldwide.

Please note that I am still available in the field of development, especially relating to cooperative training.

The fields I am offering my experience are:

Cooperative Management and Financial Management
Cooperative Legislation
Micro-Credit and Real Saving and Credit Cooperatives
Self-Owned Economic Common Enterprises (S.E.CO)
Non-Agricultural Employment in Rural Areas (N.A.E.)
The Essential Triangle of Production (E.T.P.)
Non-Bargaining Activities of Trade Unions.

I can be contacted at: contact me

I have had the privilege to impart my knowledge and experience with thousands of participants, and to have had working relations with hundreds of organizations.

I do hope to continue to have the pleasure to be in contact with you.

With my warmest regards

Zvi Galor

Innovation : rewriting, pre-romantic reconstitution of Beethoven piano sonates by Georges Kan

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