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last update: April 15th 2007

Michael Onyango Magani

A. I am describing myself herein below when I am looking to the world recognition of my professionalism in Information technology in the Informal sector.

I was born in Gwassi South location of Suba District in Kenya. My birth day being 22/12/1968 and am a second last born in Mzee Magani's family.

I attended Seka Primary School from 1976 to 1982, Tonga Secondary School from 1983 to 1986 where I became the best science student having excelled in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Further Maths among others.

I then attended A-Level at the then Rift Valley Technical High School in Eldoret from 1987 to 1988 and later I attended Eldoret National Polytechnic for Diploma in Computer Science from 1990 to 1992.

I joined International Computers Limited (ICL - Kenya) in 1991 as a Systems Engineer Trainee and later worked with the firm from 1992 to 1994.

While working with ICL, I gave computer support to Companies as Barclays Kenya, Kenya Commercial Bank, Kenya Airways, Kenya Breweries etc working with systems as Micro Computers and Mainframe Computers and Operating systems as Novell Netware, Windows and Unix.

I joined Ukulima Sacco Society ltd as Systems Administrator in 1994 to head the then New Computer department running under unix operating system environment. In Ukulima, I did analysis , Designed and developed a Software called Sacco-Member Link 596 (SML). After the success of the software I was promoted by Ukulima management to the position of Computer Manager.

I also became the founder of Regional Computers Ltd and became its Managing Director.

In 1997 I got International Scholarship through KUSCCO to the Institute of histadrut &endash; Israel to attend a Diploma course in Economic and Financial planning for Rural Development through computer usage.

I attended the course in 1998 at the institute where I met 62 participants from different countries and Mr. Zvi Galor being the course tutor and academic director at that time. I learned from him all the operations pertaining to Co-operative Management, Financial Operations, Principles and Membership.

B. From the institute I became very much interested in the Co-operative career and since I was a Computer Software Developer I hoped to develop and produce the best software for Co-operatives in research at that time and to base it on the Zvi Galor's Co-operative Principles which I learned while in Israel. I continued my development and improvement on the software.

The research result found out that, the RCL'S SML 598, was the best software running steadily in a large Co-operative (Ukulima) of 46,000 members and small ones such as Nahiho Sacco all in Kenya of 350 members. It was also found out that, the software runs on Windows environment and Unix environment as in Ukulima.

As per now the SML 598 has been converted successfully and SML VISION 2003, running on any Windows platform which is developed using Visual Foxpro 6.0 has been finalized and a DEMO of which has been sent to the former Academic Director of the Institute of Histadrut &endash; in Israel Mr. Zvi Galor.

Another field also taken on was Rural Multi-Purpose Co-operative called AKOM Farmers MUSAVIC Co-operative in Gwassi- Suba District in Kenya a section of Members have been attached in picture which was taken when water drillers were working on water project of the Co-operative.

All these efforts are the results of my studies with Zvi Galor.

N/B: MUSAVIC means Multi-Purpose Union with Social Activities formed by Villagers of a Community)

With regards,

Michael O. Magani.

Gwassi Location; Suba District; Kenya

Letter sent by Michael to me - 12.4.07

Shalom Zvi
I am sending this mail to inform you about my progress in my professional assignments, and the situation I have arrived today, when I am unable to put forward my success and my abilities in continuing to extension of my software.

I hope that some people around the world who have the means would join me in this enterprise, which contains a great deal of future development to my firm and to those who will join me.
Here is the information I would like to ask you to spread around to help me to be known to future investors who may join me in this very important occasion:

Dear future partners,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you.

I am a Kenyan citizen by the name Michael Onyango Magani, a Shalom club member having been at the Institute of Histadrut – Kefar Sava in 1998 for a course in Economic and financial Planning for rural Development Through Computer Usage, and is a Software Developer for microfinance and Banking by profession.

Having Combined Knowledge gathered from my Computer Programming and that of the Institute, I produced a Software that was reviewed by World bank’s CGAP in 2005.

The software is called SML VISION 2003 & SASA-PRO VISION 2003 and Now I have produced 2007 version.

I am required to get and train enough support, Have Office and Branches with Telephone lines as soon as possible for me to be awarded the project which is sponsored by Melinda & Gates Foundation and is a Multi-million project.

Due to this I require a business Partner that can race about US$ 300,000.00 to US$ 450,000.00

The Cost of The Software for Sacco’s below 500 Members is US$ 8,000 Per Sacco and it increases with Membership to about US$ 280,000 per Sacco. Saccos with Banking pays for banking software SASA-PRO VISION 2007 separate at US$ 8,000 to US$ 300,000. and Separate payments for ATM and other facilities.

The software is unique because it is fully integrated. Loans, Cash paid, Refunds, Deceased Refunds, Loan Off-sets, Dividends payments etc are all integrated into accounting Cashbook, GL, TB, and Balance Sheet with no repeat in entry.

Also, for SASA-PRO VISION 2007, the foreign Currency is converted instantly at When a Teller pays or Receives, This means That a Teller Can receive any Currency whose rate is set by the Manager.

You can refer to www.cgap.org/technology

My email address is rclkenya@hotmail.com

Looking forward for your reply,

Yours Faithfully

Michael O. Magani,
Regional Computers Ltd,
P.O. Box 59409
00200 – Nairobi- Kenya.
Cell: +254 722 910 813

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