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last update: December 24th 2003

Shalom Zvi,


I was very happy to read your e-mail. I hope you are enjoying a sound and perfect health as well as your family.

We have been looking forward with much pleasure to benefit enormously from your eminent lecture due to the fact I have incessantly praised your incomparable talent.

My credit union is prospering satisfactorily. Progress has achieved both in crease of membership and working capital. In other words, we are operating like a bank.

The strategy consisting of getting members to invest in the credit union has been successfully put into practice. We are offering 11% on fixed deposits where as banking rates are below 7 % As I have learned at the institute. We are practicing your approach about Competitive Rate of Interest ( CRI ). The table below gives a clear picture of our financial situation.

Shares Rs 14 million

Deposits and Savings Rs 4 million

Outstanding loan Rs 18 million

Total membership 811

No.of borrowers 752.


 Our Headquarters is situated vis-a-vis three commercial banks. Consequently we are in competition. We are improving our services gradually .We have also been able to eliminate long waiting lists as far as loan is concerned.

Contrary to other credit unions in Mauritius we pay dividends in cash to our members every year. This year we are paying 7% in terms of dividends and a bonus of 8%.

We have our own building. We occupy the top floor and renting the ground floor.

Convey our best regards to your family and we nurture the hope to see you in Rodrigues in a near future.




Arthur Mathurin


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