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last update: December 25th 2003

Bula Dr. Zvi,

I am happy regarding your comments, I knew that the final test was sending them to you as you are the initial advocate of this idea which is so simple it is brilliant, that the members must be the ultimate beneficiary. There seems to be a tendency to acept the status quo and be enthralled in it and not thinking for oneself afterwards questioning the rationale behind a lot of ideas already in existence. I am glad that I attended the course in which I did and that it opened up a lot ot things for me including this new conceptual approach.

I shall write later and explain the ordeal regarding trying to introduce a new approach to a cadre of hardened, westerned Fiji leaders, who have attended every course and workshop the world has to offer on co-operatives and have done so to the extent of it being just a mere overseas trip and not another thought invoking experience. The difference is they did not meet a person like you and I am glad I did.

We will acknowledge your contribution in our national meeting and will be etched in all our new Acts.

Sir, I have been looking again at the budget for credit unions and just need to clarify a few things, however, I will e mail them to you the points I need clarified.

We are very grateful in your assisting provide us with a few places regarding the Computer programmes. This is an ideal programme that we can pursue. I hope we can be assisted further regarding the scholarship of Travel to and from Fiji to Israel.

My most revered regards to you and Mama Raymonde.

Respectful regards,



Basilio Vanuaca

Fiji Savings & Credit Union League
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